Thursday, May 6, 2010

6 month update...

So I had my 6 month check up today. You know the usual, my weight is up a little, and I did a pole in my house and everyone says that I count my weight gain from my prepregnancy weight so my weight gain at 24 weeks and 6 days is 5 pounds, not bad huh? Really even if you go by the weight that I lost and have now gained my weight gain is 13 pounds which I honestly don't think is to bad, Oh and it was afternoon so I had breakfast and lunch to had some weight too. HAHA look at me trying to make excuses for my weight. Well if you read my post yesterday then you know that I was in the hospital Tuesday night and part of Wednesday morning because of contraction, which were caused by extreme dehydration. Well I was thinking that the doctor would give me some restriction and such but nope she didn't. Actually the doctor said that I can continue my walking! I was really surprised but she said as long as I make sure I continue to drink plenty of water and if I start feeling contractions then to stop my walking. I also asked if it was ok for us to have the turtle that we had found (did you read that post about Sushi?), well she said that its no big deal that we can keep him and to just make sure I wash my hands and take the precautions, which I have started wearing gloves when I take care of or handle him. Oh and guess what? I can dye my hair! I need it bad have you seen my roots lately? Yeah they are bad! I can't wait to get my hair touched up. So there you have it I had a great appointment, oh wait I had to get a 1 hour glucose test, yeah that part sucked but thats okay. I'll be 25 weeks tomorrow and after our little scar this week I made our appointment to get the tour of the birthing center. The hubby made a joke when I told him about doing the tour, saying didn't we just do that already? haha no we didn't, yeah so we know what floor its on and were to go and what the triage looks like but thats about it, But thats in another month. So there you have it there is my 6 month preggo update and thats all folks. :)

Have a Great Day!

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