Friday, May 7, 2010

Fighting the Fat Friday-Week 2

Preggi Style Yo...
So is anyone doing this along with me or am I on my own? Anyways, unfortunitly the only day I have walked this week was Monday because Tuesday I had the funeral and was on my feet all day so obviously by the time I got home I just not want to do any kind of walking (but I did walk Kara to the corner and back) and thats the night I started contracting so I have been taking it easy the rest of the week. I think I will either start back up my walking on Saturday (because it is raining today) or Monday I guess we'll have to see how this weekend goes. I have been some what watching what I am eating the only thing is that we have alot of fruit snacks in the house right now so I have been having some late night snacks of those. But we also have strawberries so I have been eating fruit throughout the day too and I had a salad for lunch the last 2 days. I don't quite think that I am maintaining my weight right now but I am not sure either. I was feeling good about myself beause I was walking and I felt like I was actually loosing some of my fat but no that I haven't walked in 4 days I feel like it came back so maybe it was my imagination to begin with. I am trying to make sure I at least drink 64 ounces of water a day, thats good right? I am thinking about doing some palates but then again I quit the yoga and pilates is probably harder then yoga huh? I really don't want to buy any pilates videos either unless I can get them super cheap (just in case I quit). Now that I haven't walked for a few day I feel so very lazy! But then again I don't want to over do it right now because I don't want to cause the contractions to start again. I guess I am a bit parinoid about that right now. So if your doing this with me, how are you doing? Let me know!

Have a Great Day!

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