Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mothers Day!

First off let me just say Happy Mothers Day a day late! Sorry I really wasn't on the computer yesterday that much (okay thats a lie I just wasn't on long enough to write a post, okay so you caught me again I just didn't feel like posting yesterday). Any Who..... I had a pretty good Mothers day. Devin and Brooke weren't with me Sunday morning, they stayed at thier grandmas house on Saturday night but I was okay with that and allowed it to happen. The Hubby was going to buy me flowers Sunday morning but instead bought me Starbucks (knowing that the cat would kill them anyways) and aww he was sweet enough to get me a Decaf venti white chocolate mocha (he hates getting decaf, and even ordering it) But I think after what happened last Tuesdays he know's I need to try and lay off the caffine a bit (even though I don't drink it often to begin with), Saturday night he bought Strawberries and Dipped them in chocolate for me! (he was going to go to edible arrangements but they were closed by the time he got there) I didn't eat any till this morning (for breakfast!) I had already recieved Brookies mothers day gift on Friday, which I finally took a picture of yesterday to share, ain't it cute?

Devin brought her gift to me from school on Thursday but didn't want me to open it until Sunday (although she asked me every day if I had seen it, I guess she thought I was going to snoop) I waited till after I spoke to her Sunday morning to open it. It was sweet she decorated the bag, and attached was a card that she made, and inside was another card that read "Be the Happyest Mommy you can be on Mothers day!" which she wrote (and came up with) on her own. There was also a sweet little poem that with her picture on the back for me to carry around (or keep somewhere special), and a place mat that she made as well. But here is the main present a planter with a plant inside, she painted the planter all her own and did a great job!

I think the catapiller has got to be my favorite! I love that my kiddo's are old enough to make me gifts in school I think it is more special that way, don't you? I can't wait till Kara gets old enough to do the same thing!

Did you know my kids are silly? I had to record Devin and Kara acting like goofballs on the way home last night from my grandmothers. I hope you can see the video (although it is a little dark because the sun was setting), if your wonder Brooke was still at my grandmas with my mom and dad. Devin had to get home and get to bed since she had school today.

Have a Great Day!



Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

Love the planters!

Dipped strawberries? That is so sweet of your husband. I have no idea how you can resist not diving right into them. Mine would have been gone by this morning!

Happy Mother's Day!...a day late.

Catrina said...

I would have got into them right away but he didn't exactly give them to me, haha. He made them the night before and put them in the fridge. So of course I dug into them when I had a chance (since we were so busy on mothers day) :)