Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MIA from the Blog World

Wow its been a few days since I last posted, if your counting thats 5 days since the last post. You'll know that I have headaches for almost 3 weeks now! It has sucked horribly to be honest, most days I just want to sleep because that seems to be the only time were I feel like I'm not in pain, until I wake up and then its like I'm smacked in the left side of my head with a hammer. Last week at my doctors appointment the doc was great and gave me a script for tylonal 3's, which I praise her for that unfortunitly it doesn't help for very long. I can take my T3's at night before I go to bed just so I can fall asleep, but once asleep if I am woken the headache comes back full force its awesome I swear! (not) But I am very thankful that in the morning I can take a plain extra strength tylonal and that will either take away my headache for a little while or at least leasen it for a little while. Honestly I don't want to be taking the Tylonal 3's but the fact that it helps me to fall asleep and helps make the regular tylonal stronger, I am doing what I have to do to get through these headaches. I hope if I have to deal with these much longer its just till the end of the pregnancy, because no one has a clue what is causing them. We can all speculate, some of the docs say maybe sinuses (which yeah that could be it since I know I am congested), but I think that maybe its because I clench my jaw in my sleep, then some people think maybe hormones. So maybe its a combination of everything? Perhaps? All I know is that some days I feel like its hard to function, I push through it and am thankful that my mom is here to help me when help is needed. Sleep has been rough lately for me, the other night of course I had went to bed a little later (not to late though) and Kara had ALOT issues and did not want to sleep so you know what happen once Devin left for school? I slept for 5 hours! Yes you heard me right I took a 5 hour nap, then once I ate some lunch and picked Devin up from the bus stop I fell asleep again, not very long but I guess yesterday was my day for sleeping, I even went to bed at 9pm (which is really early for me). I am tired again today and really think I should take a nap but I don't think it will happen, mainly because today my mom is at the hospital getting a gastric tube shoved down her throat to check her stomach for ulcers and such. So its just me and Kara today, and she has already taken her nap so its a bit to late for me to attempt to take a nap.
I'm planning on cutting my moms/my dogs hair today, he is in need for a hair cut badly!
See what I mean? I'm thinking mohawk? My mom wants to keep it some what long (I mean his name is shaggy LOL) so she thinks he looks cute a little shaggy but he is just way to messy right now. That is my main objective today its just a matter of actually doing it.
Tomorrow we plan on participating in the Sub Sale. I hope we have some good luck and actually sell some things, because trust me I never have good luck in garage sales I suck at it!
Saturday we get our girls day for my mother and I, We are getting our hairs did and I am excited, I haven't had my roots done in a while so I can't wait till they get fixed because my hair looks BAD!
So there is a little bit of a update on whats been going on, But I have not been up to blogging for a while just because I've been so tired and dealing with my headaches. (not to mention like my blog title suggests, nothing has really been going on, nothing exciting anyways).
Have a Great Day!

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Alyssa said...

Catrina, I've been wondering what's going on with you. I'm so sorry about the headaches and lack of sleep. That's the last thing you need! Does your doctor think that maybe you need an antibiotic for sinuses if that's safe? I ask because I'm a sinus sufferer, as well as my daughter, and sometimes we need antibiotics.

I haven't been good about blogging or commenting, for sure, lately. I do think about you and I'm hoping all goes well. I just had a haircut yesterday, desparately needed, and it felt great. Enjoy your day with daughter and mom!