Friday, June 4, 2010

Meet my Baby (well 4D version)

So last week my mommy asked me what I wanted for my birthday (since its coming up in July, just in case you wanted to know). Well I told her if she wanted she could get me the 4D ultrasound that I wanted (you know the one I bitched about a few weeks back). Well she agree'd to it and I made my appointment, because they had a special going on in May. I got my appointment for the 30th, but the little bugger child was being stubborn and had herself curled up in a ball and refused to move at all. She had her hands, elbows, knees and feet in her face. So I went back on the 1st and we tried again. Thankfully this time around she decided to cooperate and we got some good shots of her at 28 weeks and 4 days. I asked them to check to see if she was for sure a girl and they didn't have to tell me I could see if up there on the screen, she is indeed and for sure a girl. I would post that picture but she is so developed down there, its not just the three lines you normally see in an ultrasound and just don't feel right posting her privates parts all over the internets.

So enjoy some of the pictures that we got on CD.

I think she is trying to put her hand in her mouth.

Sticking her tongue out at ya.

Making faces.

peeking at you with one eye!

got her hand by her face.

still covering part of her face.

opening her mouth.

They say she has my nose.

So there you have it. Ain't she a cutie? The Hubby didn't want to see her pictures, he has chose to wait until after she is born to look at the pictures. I respect his decision but I am impatient I wanted to see her now. Like I told him the other day, if I had it my way I would speed time up and she would be here now, but obviously we need to wait because we're only 29 weeks preggo right now and she needs to mature some more.

I gained 6lbs since my last appointment (holy crap I need to stop eating so damn much). Everything is looking good with the baby and my next appointment is in 2 weeks. Yep you know when your getting closer when you start your every two week visits.

I am still getting headaches but the doc prescribed me Tylonal 3's which seem to work to get rid of the headaches and I don't know how but they make the extra strength tylonal more effective. So I am glad I finally am getting some relief from these headaches. Especially since the doc said if they tylonal didn't work she was going to send me for a cat scan.

So theres my little update for now, sorry I haven't been posting much lately but with the headaches and the children I have been preoccupied. Thanks for visiting and I will post again soon (I hope :) )

Have a Great Weekend

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