Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our Diapie Stash...

So as I posted yesterday we got our Bumkins in the mail and did the prewash. We've got alot but will probably at some point need more in each size (we'll deal with that when its time).

The top 2 piles are our smalls and the bottom 2 piles are the medium

When we got them in the mail yesterday we couldn't believe how large they looked! Both the smalls and the mediums looked huge (I guess they are suppose to shrink when they get washed). So my mom thought you know the mediums may fit Kara, I thought it was possible because they looked so big but thought there was no way because Kara is almost 25lbs (I think) and the diapers are only suppose to go up to 22lb. But I thought hey will check it out anyways.

So we put one on Kara this morning... She wasn't sure about them I think they feel weird on her bum.
But she still didn't seem to mind them and even danced around for a little bit when I first put them on.

Although she was refusing to turn around so I could get a picture of the back of the diapers. The one's she has on right now are so cute I wish they weren't sold out in the smalls I would have bought a ton of them.
Aren't they cute!

And since I was taking pictures my mom decided to make her pose.. She was having fun.

I'm pretty excited to try these out and hope that everyone in the house can stick with it, because it will help save us alot in the long run, especially now that we know they will probably be on the new baby till she is 2, not to mention we will be using them on Kara until she is potty trained now that we know they fit her too!
So you may be seeing more cloth diaper bum pictures in the future as I think they are just to cute!

Have a Great Day!!

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