Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Physical Therapy and diapies

So today we had Brooke's first Physical Therapy appointment. The first day is usually just an evaluation to see at what point the child is at and what type of therapy they will be in need of. We haven't got her at home regimen yet, we'll get that at her next appointment after the Therapist looks over her evaluation sheet. We do already know that Brooke will be going to therapy for a while, at least once a week until she starts preschool and then every other week or every 3rd week after that. She does have some problems because of her club foot that she was born with. We already knew that well her right foot (the one that was clubbed) is a half of a shoe size smaller then her left foot, and her right leg is also smaller then her left leg (defiantly noticeable if you know the problems that she has). Well today we found out that her range of motion in her right leg is limited (especially compared to the range of motion in her left leg), she does have some delayed motor skills in her legs due to the club foot. When she walks she doesn't exactly walk "right" from what I understood, when she walks she doesn't lift her right foot with her heel but with her hip, I don't really understand what that means. We will have to do activities with her at home to fix her range of motion, and to probably strengthen her calf muscle as it is noticeably smaller. We have notice that these differences have affected her walking because she trips more often when she is walking up and down the stairs, which the therapist explained is because of her range of motion. I just hope we will start seeing improvements quickly because although my mom is here to help its going to be rough trying to take care of a new baby, on top of my other kids and take Brooke to therapy all the time.

The Therapist made me feel good today, (well so have alot of freinds that have seen my pregnancy photos). We were talking about Brookes siblings and I told her she will have another sister within the next 2 weeks and she looked at me kinda odd and said "2 weeks!?" I said yeah I'm due the 20th, she was like "Wow! you look great!" So of course that made me feel great! I have got a few of those looks lately as well when someone found out that I was due soon. I got lucky with my 5th pregnancy, I haven't gained much weight (so far 18lbs) and I am all belly this time around. :)

Guess what? We got our cloth diapers in the mail today! They are being washed right now but once I am done with the prewash I will take some pics and share how cute they are! My mom was looking at how big the mediums are and thinks Kara may be able to fit into them, so we will check once they are clean.

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