Monday, August 9, 2010

Still need a babysitter!

How old were you when you no longer needed a babysitter? I think the last time I had a baby sitter I was about 10 (unless my parents went out of town). I'm 29 years old now so theres no longer a need for a babysitter right? Apparently I was wrong! Saturday my family were all out of town. Well my Mom and Dad took the kiddos up went up to my cousin's graduation party about 1.5 to 2 hours away. I didn't go because well 1 I was 38 weeks (well I still am now) and because the doctor had stripped my membranes. The Hubby would have stayed home with me but he went with his Dad and Brothers to drag race about 4 hours from our house so there was no way I was going to that either. Well of course with everyone being so far away my dad and hubby didn't want me to be alone, so my mother in law came over to babysit me (Haha). Its was partly her idea as well with everyone being gone. Of course I was a little upset that everyone thought I needed a babysitter, again hello I'm 29 years old! But you know what I don't mind, we had a good time. We hung out at the house for a little then went to lunch (we had mexican if you were wondering and it was good!) then we went to the outlet mall and went shopping. We walked the entire outlet mall and can you believe I still never went into labor! We bought the girlies (even the baby) clothes, but nothing for ourselves. Of course my dad and hubby asked if I bought them anything when they got home. No I didn't geeze I didn't even buy anything for myself! I know they were playing but geeze whenever I am out usually the only people I think about buying stuff for anymore is the kids. Sometimes I think about myself or the hubby but lately... thats rare.
Anyways so that was my Saturday. Sunday we did nothing, I ended up taking a nap and the hubby took the kids outside to help him wash his truck. Once he was done we ended up taking the 56' for a ride looking at houses for sale and got stranded at the gas station. The damn battery went dead! So we had to wait for my dad to come give us a jump start to get home. It was nice to go for a ride.
This week I don't know what is in store for us. You know a mothers job is never done so obviously I will be taking care of the kids but other then that I am not sure what else I will be doing other then waiting for this kiddo to make her appearance (waiting impatiently I must add) The Hubby's birthday is this week so yeah we will be spending time with daddy on his birthday (and hopefully having a baby the next day), I know I have said it before we've been hoping that the baby would come the day after the hubby's birthday because Devin was born the day after mine. So hopefully Thursday I will be delivering a baby, If not I have a doctor appointment on Thursday and we will be scheduling my induction that day (hopefully it will be within a day or so of my appointment) I am definatly hoping that by Saturday this kiddo will be here, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. Its definatly getting harder and harder to sleep and get comfortable and move around. I know I am not the only mommy to experiance all this but guess what? I'm going to bitch if I want to! You know why? Because this is my blog!

Are you wondering how cloth diapering is going with Kara? Well we are now on day 4 and doing good, it takes a bit longer to get them dry but other then that cleaning and such has been pretty easy (even with the poopies). When we go out we put disposables on her but at home (which is were we are usually at). Kara love showing off her new diapers to, she loves the designs. Devin actually wants to get involved with changing her diaper too but unfortunitly the kid wiggles to much and Devin can't get the diapers tight enough. So maybe she'll be able to help with the new baby.
Well its off to take care of the kiddos and clean a bit....

Have a Great Day!

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