Tuesday, August 10, 2010

5 days and other such stuff...

Guess What?
We're on Day 5 of cloth diapering with Kara and still going strong.... I caved last night and put on a disposable because on the off chance that she actually slept through the night I didn't want to have to deal with an overly soaked cloth diaper and good thing I did to, she did wake once but it wasn't long after she went to bed. I'm sure I will get into the hang of things and start using them at night with a booster but until then, its a trial and error for me and I get use to cloth diapering. I think I am doing pretty good, although I haven't really went any where in the last 5 days, except for maybe the park but thats it. The girls did go somewhere on Saturday but she was with my parents and they used the disposables that day for convience. Of course it does seem to me that I am the only one that is changing her diapers but I guess I don't mind (I can't believe I just said that!). I'm keeping up with cleaning them everyday to every other day although drying them takes for flipping ever! I need to figure something out on the odor because I have notice that they still have a bit of the pee smell to them once clean but I read on how to possibly get rid of it and will try with the next wash. Again I am new at this so I'm sure I will figure it all out, I'm glad we decided to use these with Kara as well because it gives me a chance to get use to them before our new little bundle gets here. Thankfully Kara is loving her new diapers, she loves showing them off to everyone and how pretty the patterns are.

Of Course since you haven't heard any news we are still waiting for this kid to make her appearance. I'm trying to be patient I really am but I am definatly getting impatient over here, I've been trying to be a little more active then I normally am so that I can hopefully work this baby out, but so far no go. I have my doctors appointment on Thursday and if this kid doesn't make her appearance by then we'll be scheduling our induction (which hopefully will be no later then Saturday).

Tomorrow is the Hubby's Birthday, I feel kind of bad because I had to wait till last Friday to order his present so now it won't be here on time, but I already figured out how to handle that and plan on getting him something else to open on his birthday. Today me and the girlies will be making his Birthday cards (from them).

So for now we wait.... I hope I will be updating soon and telling you all that we've had a new baby...

Have a Great Day!

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