Friday, September 24, 2010

Fighting the Fat Friday

Oops we're a day late....

Sorry its been a while since I posted anything. I've been busy and tired, its funny I had 3 kids before but didn't seem like my life was that busy but now that I have 4 holy crap its chaos! Well for starter my weight has plateaued at 204-205lbs for the past few weeks, but then again I haven't completely been watching my weight and surely wasn't exercising, I've been so tired since Carly doesn't like to go to bed to midnight most nights, some nights she will go to bed early at 11:30pm and other nights she will stay up till 1am last night though I thought I was going to get to go to bed at 12:30am I was so tired and ready for bed but Carly had other plans, she woke up as soon as I layed down, she fussed and cried till 2:30am! She did however stay sleeping till 7:30 am which I am so thankful for at least I got a little bit of rest.

I started walking on Wednesday, I took all 4 girls for a walk...

I wore Carly....


The other 3 girls were in the stroller..

I'm not exactly sure how much Carly weighs but I estimate she is probably around 11-12lbs so I was wearing 12lbs and then pushing the 3 girls in the stroller was a total weight of around 112lbs! We walked a mile (but also stopped at the park for a few minutes), so yeah I think I got a pretty good work out that day don't you? Yesterday (Thursday) it was just me, Kara and Carly since Devin was at school and Brooke was at pre-K, I didn't walk the full mile because I didn't put Kara in the stroller I let her walk on her own, so we didn't go the full mile. I also ended up carrying Kara for a lot of the walk (the last half) and at one point she was on my shoulders, so for the last half of our walk I was wearing about 37lbs. Yeah I was tired afterwards, I ended up napping for a while I was so tired. I plan to walk today, I am just waiting on my mom to wake up so we can go. I don't know if I will walk on weekends or not but I think for now weekday mornings are a good start, don't you think? Its better then not walking at all.

I'm still wearing the belly bandit and am down to 41 1/5-42 inches, its pretty good but I think I will continue to wear in hopes that I will continue to shrink, again I have only been wearing it at night so that might be the cause of my slow inch loss but I'm not complaining at least the inches are coming off that's all that matters to me! My Mother in law said that she has noticed a difference and that it does look like I am losing weight (even though its actually only inches I am losing). I would absolutely love napping today after our walk but I don't think that will happen as we have to be at my Grandmothers at 1pm for my Aunt's birthday. So I guess thats it for our Fighting the Fat Friday...

But don't worry I'm not done talking I do have more to talk about, duh its been a while I have to update you on things right?

Well lets see were do we start, mmm... well Carly has still been having tummy issues since I stopped breast feeding so we took her off the powder and put her on ready to use formula liquid, she was still on the Similac sensitive but she was still getting a upset tummy and having issues with acid reflux so we switched her to the higher level Similac sensitive, that didn't work so we switched her to Similac sensitve for spit up and again that didn't help, last night we made the switch to Similac isomil we will have to see how the soy formula pans out but I hope it works, because I don't know how much more of this crying and fussing for hours at night I can take, she will basically fuss and cry from 9pm till 12am every night! If the soy doesn't work we will continue to use it but I will then make an appointment with the doctor to see what they can do.

I guess that is all for today I need to get busy taken care of the girlies.

Have a Great Day!


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