Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It hurts when I eat!

Okay I did something pretty crazy the other day... I got my tongue pierced! Yes I admit it I am 29 years old and got my tongue pierced but you I have been wanting to get it done for over 10 years and was always afraid, I don't know were I got the cojones to do it but all I know is all of a sudden I was hell bent on getting it done. I even asked my best freind to go with me and get something pierced, she chose to do her belly button, but she too had been wanting to do that for a long time and I helped her get the cojones to do it. We were eachothers support system. I was so scared as the guy who was about to stick a needle through my tongue explained the procedure, he tried to keep up both calm though and he was really nice. Once the clamp was placed on my tongue I closed my eyes (I was terrified) he told me to take a small breath and let it out and it was over, I was so surprised it didn't even hurt! I felt the pressure of the needle go through but no pain! He explained that it was from the clamp cutting of the blood supply, I was so happy that it wasn't painful. Right after words of course I went to my phone and facebooked about it and the comments starting rolling in, I was surprised I didn't get alot of negative comments of course most of the people that commented had already done it before. They kept warning me of what to do and what not to do. I still was not in any pain when I got home, I waited till the next morning to attempt to eat. I think I was more afraid to eat then of getting the piercing done. I've had the piercing for 3 1/2 days now and I still have had pretty minimal pain but of course my tongue is still swollen, I have been worn that the pain may come once the swelling goes down (I sure hope not!) It does however hurt when I yawn and hurt a little when I eat.
My family thinks I'm stupid. My grandma said it was the dumbest thing I've ever done, I'd have to disagree I think the dumbest thing I ever did was get someones name tattoo'd on me when I was 18. My mom says its stupid to but also says its my body. The hubby was alright with me getting it the way he see's it, is that I can always take it out if I want to. Soon they will all forget that I even have it. Haha my dad just shakes his head whenever I am doing anything with it (i.e. looking at it in the mirror to make sure there is no food in it, and cleaning after I eat). For now though even with being a little uncomfortable I'm liking it, I ordered some super cute barbells for when I can switch it out (in two weeks), I actually bought a belly ring and tongue ring that match doesn't that sound so cute!

Have a Great Day!

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