Friday, November 19, 2010

Chapter 4 - Do I really NEED that?

A lot of times new parents are in the store looking at items to put on their registry. They aren't quite sure what they need and what they can live without. I'm just here to let you all know in my opinion what you can live without as a new parent.

Wipes Warmer
Some parents may think this is a must but personally I have never seen the need for one. Really its not like you are going to leave the wipes out in the cold and wipe baby's tush with them, and your not going to hold it on baby's bum for a long period of time all your doing is quickly wiping and your done. So why waste time and energy to warm a wipe thats going to be used for less then 5 seconds?

Diaper Pails

Now I have nothing against diaper pails, for our first 3 kids we used one for the longest time. But with time (and kids) you learn what is an essential and what is not. Maybe its just our house because we empty the trash so often (because we have 2 kids in diapers) I have come to realize that diaper pails are not a must item. If you empty your trash enough you don't NEED a diaper pail. You just end up wasting your money on diaper pail bags.

Bumper Pads
I know most Baby bedding sets come with bumper pads but your doctors are going to tell you not to use them, they are a suffocation hazard. So you wonder why they even sell them anymore since your not suppose to use them. So if your bedding set does not come with a bumper pad don't buy one, but if your bedding set comes with one, then instead of throwing it away or storing it you can use to decorate your nursery. We put ours on the wall as a wall border.

It worked to decorate the bare walls. and it wasn't just wasted money.

Infant Bathrobes
I don't know what other parents do but for me an infant bathrobe is pointless. When I am done bathing my 3 month old baby the first thing I do is dry her off, put her diaper on, put lotion on her and then dress her, there is no reason for her to sit around naked in a bathrobe.

Winter Bunting
Okay so this product is not completely useless, if for some reason you are taking your newborn baby out side for a long period of time then it will work great (but why would you take your newborn infant outside during the winter for long period of times to begin with?) But I can tell you right now don't even bother bring this with you to the hospital if you baby is born in the winter months, because they will NOT let you put this on the baby to leave. Just bring with you a warm outfit for baby and then 2 warm blankets 1 for babys lap/chest and one to cover baby with when you go outside. If you don't believe go ahead attempt to put it on baby right before you leave and watch the nurse lecture on how that is not a good idea and you should never put anything like that on your child and how you should just use blankets. (remember I have 4 kids and 2 were born during the cold months).
Pee Pee TeePee

I don't have any boys so maybe I would understand this product better if I did but come one seriously you are that afraid of getting pee'd on while changing your baby's diaper that you need to put a cup on him? Why not just use a wipe? Other then if you are giving your baby some nakey time because they have a bad diaper rash why on earth would he be naked for a long enough period of time were you need to put a pee pee cup on him? And for that matter, little girls pee all over the place to why don't they have something for little girls? So they can't pee in the air but they do pee every where else!

I'm sure there are more products out there that just don't make alot of sense or are not essential products but this is just a small list of things that you don't NEED. Go ahead and buy them if you want I won't be mad, like I said before this is just my opinion.

Have a Great Day!


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