Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ha, Who needs sleep?

I've had some interesting things happen today that made me think twice... First I had not really a rough night but Kara woke up early 3:30 to be exact I hate when she wake up that early, not nessisarily because I am up, because I turn on her Nick Jr and she watches her educational shows while the rest of sleep (yeah I'm a horrible parent for letting my kid watch tv in the middle of the night I know but seriously would you like to be up at 3:30 in the morning? yeah I didn't think so!) but when she wakes this early or issues comes with some days she doesn't want to just lay silently and watch her shows some mornings she likes to start with "Mommy, Miwk Pease!" okay Kara I'll get your milk. Then once that cup is finished she is opening the door yelling "Mommy miwk pease!" but this morning while Brooke slept in her bed Kara decided that not only was she not going to lay quitely but she was also going to open the door and turn her bedroom light on. Thankfully Brooke stayed asleep, but not me I was woken quite a few times because of the noise and other such things going on in their room. Not only that but Carly was very quite all night, she actually slept all night I'm talking like almost 12 hours! Of course I was flipping out the whole night checking on her because I was afraid she wasn't breathing. But Thankfully she was fine! After all her sleeping all night she finally woke up at 7am to eat and like most mornings I layed her in bed with me after she was done (yeah I know again I'm a bad parent for allowing my kid to sleep in bed with me) sorry she likes to sleep in bed with me in the morning . When I had to get up to get Devin ready for school Carly was chewing on her hand. When I came back up stairs after Devin left (don't worry folks the bus stop is in our driveway so I didn't go far) I noticed there was blood on Carly's blanket (she was chewing on her blanket when I came upstairs). Of course I panicked why was there blood on her blankey?? I looked in her mouth but seen nothing so I wiped her mouth with the burp cloth and again blood, what the heck is going on I was flipping out everytime I looked in her mouth there was nothing but when I wiped there was blood, finally I looked very intently in her mouth and sure enough the little butt nugget had scratched her gums while she was chewing on her hand (I just cut her nails and they are already long, no not at all they were just short and sharp).
The rest of the day or mostly the day was basically uneventful, although I have to say I thought is was absolutely sweet when Kara and Brooke come out of the bathroom and Brooke is saying how proud she is that Kara pee pee'd in the potty, I was a little shocked because well I had no clue that she needed to potty because she never told me! But I guess her big sister Brooke helped her to go potty, now how sweet is that? Very I would have to say!
Another thing happened that I'm not really sure if I am imagining it or not (because someone kept me up alot this morning) but today after Carly ate she was really crabby, had to be held and kept whining and we just couldn't figure out why? Well finally I decided maybe just maybe she was ready for bed, (of course why didn't she just go to sleep when I was rocking her?) So I took her to her room changed her diaper, changed her jammies and tucked her in and sure enough out she went! Sorry I don't think I have ever had one of my babies wanting to go to bed A) that early or B) on thier own in their bed without being rocked to sleep first. I wonder if perhaps she will sleep as long as she did last night? I hope she will but again I hope that Kara will not wake up at 3:30am either.
Today was a lazy day for me, I read alot of blogs today (in between taking caring of my kiddos) I am now following many new blogs that caught my interest.
I need to finish my project that I started this week and get it ready for Kara's party this Saturday. Which by the way did you know she will be 2 in just 2 short days? I know how crazy is it? Speaking of Birthday's okay its more like an anniversary but this month I will celebrate my first full year on my blog! Yep I've been blogging and boring you for almost a whole year can you believe it? Well time for me to go finish some unfinished work and get ready for tomorrow, no I don't have huge plans but damn I need to go to bed some time right?

Have a Great Night

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