Monday, November 8, 2010

PPD (Post Partum Depression)

I was reading a post over at Mommy is Teething and she posted a link about a mother her shook her baby to death because he was crying while she played Farmville on Facebook! Okay I'm a Facebookaholic and I admit it (that's the first step ain't it?) and I use to play all the games like farmville, farmtown and other craziness like that, but alas I got bored with them and realized I would rather blog, I think I made a good choice I would rather write (or type) then play a silly game that takes for flipping ever to do anything. Anyways back to what I was saying....

Are you Freaking kidding me! Your game is that important that you shook your child because they were interrupting it?!?! That's just damn stupid! According to the article the baby was only 14 weeks old, a helpless infant! Like the kid knew you were playing Farmville and needed to plant your crops or harvest them, whatever it is that was so important that you couldn't tend to your child's needs quickly and then go back to it. Like for instance I am sitting her blogging and you may be wondering well were the hell are my kids (since I have 4 of them) well for you information, 1 just went to school, 2 & 3 are playing princesses (running up stairs to their room and downstairs to the toy room) and 4 is sitting right next to me talking to me and watching me type out this post. (I think she wonders how my hands are moving so quickly lol because she has her eyes set on them. )

Now I don't know her set of circumstances and I know some women suffer from PPD, I myself had a case of it after I had Kara (if it wasn't PPD it was something damn close to it). I know from personal experience of the thoughts that run through your head when you are suffering from PPD and maybe its just me but I could never in a million years hurt (or gasp kill) my child. When I had Devin I believe I may have suffered from PPD pretty badly but at that time in my life I didn't even know what PPD was and I had aweful thoughts but I removed myself from her, let her cry it out or what not, again no matter how aweful of a thought that would cross my mind she was just an innocent child trying to express her hurt or anger or hunger (whatever it may have been that was bothering her), which I eventually learned it was acid reflux that was burdening my child and making her cry so often. I know its hard on a mother who is sleep deprived that has a crying child at her side, not quite sure what it is that is ailing that baby. But that in those moments when the hatred and fear start kicking in when that anger and hurt start to take over, that is when you should realize that you have a problem and get help before a terrible incident occurs. Like I said I had those problems with Devin and it took me a long time to realize what was wrong with me, back then PPD wasn't as common or at least not talked about as much. But when I had Kara I was aware that this was an issue and I know now a days (at least were I had my children) the nurses disscuss PPD with parents to make them aware of this ever growing disorder. As soon as I realized the thoughts in my head were not right I sought help right away. And you should too! If you have any improper thoughts about your child even if you know you could never act on them you need to seek help. I was afraid when I first went in for help. I was afraid that they would take my children away, but that was not the case they just wanted to help me and get me through what ever it was that was causing me to feel that way.
I don't want to apologize for saying the things I have said it just hurts me to hear about something like this happening to an innocent child. I read many blogs about women who have been suffering from PPD and they sought out help and they are recovering and I commend them for seeking out help and admitting it to thier readers what they are going through at this very moment the thoughts that they are having and the things that they are doing to stop them. All I'm trying to say is if you feel like there is something just not right and you are having hurtful thoughts or feelings towards your child/children then Please I am begging you seek help before something happens that you will regret.

Have a Great Day
As I was looking for pictures for PPD to post here I found a website geared to help women with PPD, If you or someone you know think they may have it you may want to check it out and seek help .


Tina@ said...

Props to you and all the other moms who sought help.  I think it takes a lot of courage for moms to admit this and seek professional advice. 

Anyway, don't get me started on the Korean couple who starved their baby to death because they were too busy raising their virtual baby online.

Because, that's just whack.

Catrina said...

Thanks for the link. Oh my that is whack! I like playing on the computer as much as the next person but could never neglect my child in anyway.