Friday, November 26, 2010

Oh I love my bed!

I wrote what I was Thankful for yesterday but you know there is one thing I definatly forgot to add and realized this last night....

I am Thankful for a comfy bed! Last night Devin requested that my our cousin Dimitri stay the night, which we were fine with because well we've never had issues with him staying before. Well for some reason last night once it was time for bed he was very unhappy, calling for his daddy. So we obviously felt badly that is was so upset. But anyways my mom took him down stairs to sit with her for a while and he fell asleep, I put him to bed and he slept for a while. Well about 2:45Am or so I heard some noise and come to find out its Kara and Dimitri at the bedroom door both awake, So I put Kara back in her bed and then begin to put Dimitri back in bed when he starts crying for his daddy again. I cuddled him and tried to make him feel better and once he calmed down I layed him back down and tried to walk out of the room. Well that was not happening he did not want me to leave. So I had to once again put Kara back in her bed and then comfort Dimitri, I got to the point were I just sat next to him on the bed and he was quite, but by then Kara wanted me to hold her, so of course I did. Finally I just broke down ( I was SO tired) and I grabbed one of the pillow pets and Brookies blankey and I layed on the floor and Kara decided to lay with me as well, which really was not a big deal except Kara decided to ask me about every 5-10 minutes "Mama what are you doing?" "trying to sleep Kara now go to sleep" to which she would let out a whine. Finally about 5:45Am I got tired of this and not to mention the fact that my back was hurting so I put Kara in her bed (and she went to sleep thankfully) and I got back into my Oh So Comfy bed!! It felt SO GOOD!!

So there you have it...

Have a Great Day!

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