Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

It Thanksgiving time and well all I've been seeing the last few days or even weeks is people saying what they are Thankful for and well I figured why don't I jump on the band wagon? I swear I'm not normally a follower (okay maybe sometimes).
I Am Thankful For....

I mean seriously we all know (okay at least I know) I am most Thankful for The Hubby and are 4 little girlies!

For being able to be a Stay At Home Mommy (its the best job I could ever have!)

For Gripe Water.. I don't know about you but my hiccups hurt and I know Carly's do to!

That Kara stopped handing me poop every time she shit in her diaper!

That Carly (for the most part) sleeps through the night!

That I have caring Parents who have helped us out so much!

For my Family!

The Internet (because lets face it if we didn't have it I wouldn't be writing this blog now would I?)

My pets

For Jesus because well without him I wouldn't have all these things to be Thankful for!

Have a Great Day! & Happy Thanksgiving!


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