Monday, November 8, 2010

Pictures Anyone?

On Friday my very sweet Neighbor (who I mentioned in a previous post) that is a photographer invited us over for a little photo shoot, mainly for Carly but we involved the other kiddos a little. No you won't be seeing Devin because she was unfortunitly at school. But I wanted to share these pictures with you anyways....
I think its so cute how Brookie is smooshing Kara
My babies...

My little 12 week old

Eating Mommys shoulder

I love my sweet baby

One of my favorites

She was trying to make her sissy happy

A bit shocked because we made her hold her foot (I don't think she knew she had them yet)

Little Toes

One of the only times we could get her to smile (haha)

another favorite

So sweet

It was very hard to get her to fall asleep and stay asleep
My middle girlies
what are we doing mommy?
Well Have a Great Day!


This Daddy said...

Very very cute pics. Man I dont know how your husband does it? All the girls, I would go crazy. And your choice of Carly is an awesome name, that is the name of our C3.

kriznizzel said...

Beautiful photos I'm your newest follower

Catrina said...

@This Daddy- I am sure he feels like going crazy all the time, expecially when you have 3 little girls fighting (which happens alot HAHA) Thanks! Yeah I just noticed that today (on your wifes blog) that C3 was Carly :)

@Kriznizzel thanks for following me :)
Thanks for following me!