Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Best Friends

What is it about life that we get so wrapped up in things that we forget our closest friends?

It happens to the best of us, You going through life (growing up) and spending time with our best friends, we fall in love, but still manage to stay close to our friends but then some where down the road life gets the best of us and we loose touch.

I have had some friendships like that. I have two friendships like that in particular. My 2 best Friends actually. The first is Jamie, I've known this girl since birth and while we've lost touch a time or two we always manage to find our way back, I hope our children will be a close as we were! The other is Stacey we've been friends since 3rd grade, once we graduated we lost touch but just a few years later found each other again. Our kiddo's are best Friends as well.

Sometimes friendships just drift apart with out any rhyme or reason. But you wonder what happen? I know of a friendship that did just that. Know one is quite sure what happen but some where they lost touch. But just recently they found eachother again and in the process of rekindling that friendship. I hope it works because they were very close friends back in the day.

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