Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Randomness that is my Life

I feel badly that I missed posting the past 2 days... But I have been in a slump the last few days, I want to write something that is actually entertaining or at least interesting for you to read but I am just stumped! I was gonna give you a weekend update but well there wasn't much going on this weekend, we did go to a baby shower on Sunday. I was going to post about that but unless you knew the people would it really interest you? Probably not... So I am going to try and post what I was planning on posting but excuse me now if it is confusing to read or sounds stupid.

But then I started looking at my page stats and stuff and realized that no one is reading my blog anyway so whats the point of getting so concerned with what and when I write right?

So if I really wanted to I could tell you that all I did yesterday was help my mom deep clean the carpets and move furniture around and vaccum and do laundry and well yep that about sums up my day yesterday. Exciting huh? Or how about I write about the fact that I REALLY need to go to the store to get some grocerys and that we are basically out of dog food. Or I can talk about the fact that Carly is spitting up every where all over my bed right now and its getting really annoying! Oh how about we talk about all the cyber window shopping I have been doing lately? How do I love cyber window shopping I just wish I could actually do some cyber buying!

I can tell you how that Carly has a security blankey and for some reason the kid can not go to sleep without it!

The blankey that she is holding was actually given to Kara when she was hospitalized with jaundice, she never took to using it as a security blanket or anything like that (instead Kara has two tiger blankets that she must sleep with but they are larger then this). Yesterday Carly was tired and whining and I could not figure out why, finally I gave her blankey and what do you know she fell fast asleep with in seconds. so yeah now I know she must have her blankey to go to bed ( I better never loose it) .

I hope that my creative juices start flowing soon and I will have some awesome post to write, until then enjoy the crap that I spew out.... :)

Have a Great Day!


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