Friday, December 3, 2010

Chapter 10 - 2 Month Milestones

Carly Mae 2 months old

So you've survived the first month of baby's life. It was pretty stressful wasn't it? But so well worth it... Things are going to start to get more interesting this next month and you gonna be excited when you notice all these new things.
Baby starts hitting more milestones between week's 5-8 that may seem more exciting then the milestones they hit last month.
Baby Develops a Social Smile. Thats right baby's smile turns into a "Real" smile. I don't know about you but I know for me, I knew when it became real. Obviously if baby is looking at you and you smile and he/she smiles back thats probably a real smile, but sometimes baby isn't looking at you when they begin smiling, and its an awesome thing (although the gas smiles are cute as hell too).
Crying less. If baby doesn't have colic then around this time you may notice baby isn't crying as often. I don't really know much about this one because yes around 6 weeks Carly was crying less but that is also about the time she started her acid reflux medicine so I guess maybe I missed this milestone.
Sleeping better. You may notice in the 2nd month that you are getting more sleep in through the night, which if baby didn't sleep well before, you'll be so relieved to get that little extra sleep during the night. I know I was the first time Carly slept through the night, it was shear bliss!
Senses are becoming more sensitive. you may notice that if you are not directly in front of baby and you call his/her name (and sometimes just speak) that baby looks for you. He/she's eye site is becoming sharper to and they may be able to follow an object if you put it in front of thier face and move it from left to right.
Laughing. Baby may start laughing this month, and its more exciting to have baby start giggling at you then it was when he/she started smiling at you. Once they start giggling you will try to find every way to make baby giggle some more.
Talking. You heard me right baby will start "talking" this month, obviously he/she won't be talking full sentences or even words but they will be talking baby talk and its very exciting. I just wish I knew what in the world Carly has been telling me, for all I know she has been saying I am a crazy Jack Wagon or something.
Grabbing objects. If you place a toy or you finger at the tips of his/her fingers, he/she may be able to grab onto it. speaking of grabbing object, you may want to start holding baby's hand up to his/her bottle now, the sooner you do this (on a regular basis while feeding) the sooner baby will learn to hold the bottle on his/her own.
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