Friday, December 3, 2010

Your grounded now go lay down!

Do you have a family pet that is just that... Family? We treat our pets like family (well at least the dog we do.. Shhh don't tell the cat). The girls sometimes say that the dog is thier brother (which obviously we all know is not actually true, but let them have thier fun), I also refer to The Hubby as the dogs Daddy. I know its cooky but we do truely love the dog and I know we would all be heart broken if anything happen to him, which brings me to my story. The other night after The Hubby got home from work he let Jake (the dog) outside. Now in our neighborhood its a subdivision that doesn't have fences, but we've been here for a year and a half now so we got to the point were we could trust the dog not to run off (or so we thought) after about 5 minutes we went to let the dogs in the house and Jake wasn't coming to the door. I yelled and whistled for him for another few minutes and then told The Hubby that the dog was gone, he of course didn't believe me and went to the door to look for Jake. After a few minutes of yelling and whistling for him he realized that I was right (like always) the dog was gone. He grabbed a flash light and continued yelling for the dog for another good 10 minutes, I walked out the front door yelling for him I walked down to the corner yelling for the dog, I had no shoes on and no coat (bad idea on my part). After I yelled for the dog for 5 minutes I walked back to the house. The Hubby got in his truck and drove around the neighborhood looking for the dog. I walked back into the house to get my shoes and coat on and I hear Devin crying. Of course I asked her what was wrong, she was upset because she thought she would never see Jake again. I had to reassure her that we would find Jake but I understand her concern since this was the longest he had ever gone missing for. Finally I got tired of waiting for The Hubby, grabbed a flash light and started to make my way through the woods behind our house. I knew there was a path back there and figured I would just follow the path until I found Jake, but after a while the path kind of disappears and your left with bushes and tree's and branches every where. It was very hard to climb through it all to get out of the woods, but I finally made it out and what do you know here comes Jake running through the condo's on the otherside of the woods. I yelled at him, the way any parent would yell at thier child who is in trouble, I called him Jacob (which is what he is called when he has done bad). He knew he was in trouble he ran (out of my reach) towards the woods with his tail between his legs. Finally after yelling at him a few times he came to me and we began our walk home and he was very smart to stick by my side. Thankfully The Hubby came and picked us up because I really didn't want to walk home after that walk through the woods. Now I know it sounds funny but have you ever grounded a pet? Well we have... Jake's grounded and if he's lucky we won't buy him an electric fence. At this point in time, Jake is only allowed outside to pee and poo and thats it, then he has to come right back in. No more sniffing around and enjoying the outdoors for him.

Have a Great Day!



Marc said...

Pets really are members of the family! That is why we are looking at the radial fence from Havahart Wireless. It will give our dog more area to roam than any of the other fences and it tracks the dogs location. We would lose it if our pup ever got away!

Catrina said...

I'm gonna have to look into that.