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Chapter 17 - 9 Month Milestones

33- 36 Weeks

Baby not sleeping through the night anymore? Whats going on is after one to two hours of deep sleep, she/he will enter a stage of lighter sleep and might partially wake up before easing back into sound slumber again. Don't go running in as soon as you start hearing those peeps though wait a might and see if baby drifts back to sleep on his/her own. If baby is still crying out for you go ahead and comfort him/her but don't turn the light on or pick baby up.

Chatting it up. Instead of crying or whimpering when she wants something, he might now point to the desired object. This gives you a great opportunity to prod his language development along: " Oh, would you like your bottle?" experts agree that the more language your baby hears, the sooner he'll learn to form his own words and sentences. But it's not enough to simply overhear adult conversations; similarly, watching a crtoon or television program has hardly any effect on baby's verbal abilities. What works best is when you're speaking directly to your little one about things that he's interested in. So when you see your baby gazing at a far-away toy, pick it up and talk about it: "its a red ball. Do you want the red ball?" Also, don't shy away from using the sing-songy voice known as parent-ese. Babies pay better attention when you talk like this, perhaps because they enjoy the vocal variation or sense that it's a departure from the norm. While talking to your baby is vital, don't feel like you have to keep up a running monologue. Let you baby get a word in, or simply take a talking break and be silent for a while. A little downtime will let your baby absorb all that he's seen and heard.
Baby's pincer grasp has likely improbed to the point that he/she's able to easily pluck small pieces of dry cereal or fruit off her high-chair tray. He/she might even be able to rake an object toward him/her with his/her fingers then grab it with his/her palm. Around this time your baby will also start collecting and sorting things. he/she's learning the basics of quantity, with games in which he/she places one object after another in a cup or sorting blocks into piles.
I wanna go! Even if baby used to love entertaining him/herself in the high chair or play yard, don't be surprised if he/she begins to absolutely loathe it now. He/she's so mobile that he/she just wants to move - all day, every day. Let him/her explore as much as possible, but don't feel bad if you need to confine him/her for a short period of time while you cook or clean. Just make sure he/she has plenty of toys to entertain him/herself.

First Words! Around this time, you baby might make his/her first real attempt at saying a word, though it's not always clear what he/she's saying. For instance, you might notice that he/she uses the same sounds to indicate a familiar object, such as "bah" for bottle, or to communicate when he/she wants something, like "uh" for up (as in, "Pick me up, please!"). The difference between babbling and actual words is sometimes hard to detect, even for an attentive mom, but experts suggest that one way to tell them apart is intention. Is your baby just making sounds? or is he/she talking about something in particular. Some children will use their own made-up versions of a word, such as "bankee" for "blanket," for years simply because it's easier to say. So don't hold your breath for a clear-as-a-bell, find-it-in-the-dictionary first word, which might not come out for a few more months - or even well into toddlerhood. Instead, go ahead and chalk it up as a first word if you know exactly what your baby is talking about- and so does your baby.

First Steps! In physical developments, you baby might be able to stand on his/her own with just a little support now. He/she might even have started cruising around furniture, practicing walking by holding onto the coffee table or an ottoman. Don't worry if he/she hasn't gotten there yet. That milestone could still be several weeks away, and that's normal.

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