Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chapter 16 - 8 Month Milestones

29 - 32 Weeks.

Standing on his/her feet. You baby's not ready to pull him/herself up or start cruising around just yet but he/she will love getting in an upright postion while you support him/her. If you pull him/her up on thier feet and let go, they may be able to balance for a few seconds, but the more you do this causing them to bear weight on thier legs will help build the muscles that he/she needs to pull up on his/her own.
You'll notice baby has the memory and cognitive ability to figure out what's going to happen next. If he/she hears the keys jingling in the lock at 6pm, he/she kicks his/her legs in the anticipation of your arrival home from work. Your baby relies on sensory input- sounds, smells, sights - to figure out what's going on, in part because he/she's such a keen observer of his/her surroundings, and in part because he/she loves repetition and routine so much that he/she's quick to pick up on it. Be prepared for a meltdown if baby gets it wrong though.
Baby's fine motor skills are getting more sophisticated. He/she's comfortable banging, shaking, dropping, and throwing his/her toys. Baby may even be getting better at feeding him/herself by using his/her thumb and fingers to pick up food, instead of using his/her whole palm.
You baby's personality is starting to peek through a bit more now. His new activities are hilarious to him/her. Drop something and he/she will crack up. Even better he/she will show signs of having his/her own sense of humor, teasing you by proffering a toy, then taking it back again and giggling at your open mouthed dismay.
He/she is becoming more social now too. He/she can recognize all family members and loved ones and tried to entice you into playing with him by flashing a smile or even lifting his/her arms at your appearance.
Baby is learning new ways to discovering his/her enviroment, with skills to perfect and a whole house to explore.
Naps may shorten or disappear all together around now as well.

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