Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Feeling a bit Underdimeciated..

Okay so this picture doesn't exactly depict my day but....

If anyone reading this is a stay at home mom (or dad), then you know that your job is never done ! I've admitted before that I am a pretty lazy mom (I'm not proud of that but damn I mention it enough you would think I was proud, believe me I'm not), but taking care of my children is number 1 on my list. Its everything else that gets neglected (ie housework). Since we moved in with my parents, I have slacked on house chores and other such things because my mom does a lot of that stuff. But I am doing more because I realized one I should be helping my mom out because this is her house and sometimes a lot of mess is from my kids, and two eventually we will be moving back into our own home and I will be the only one doing it all. You know a stay at homes mom continues into the night when the bread winner is sleeping peacefully with uninterrupted sleep. I honestly do not remember a time when I slept straight through the night without interruption. So every day I am pretty exhausted, I try to nap when the babies are napping but that does not always happen because sometimes I have housework to do or am trying to get a shower. This is not a post about oh whoa is me. This is actually about the fact that there are times when I feel under appreciated.

People think all I do is sit around all day, that I do nothing. Yeah because the clothes wash, fold and put themselves away. The dishes do the same. The beds make themselves, the bedrooms and bathrooms are cleaned by magic, the kids all feed and change themselves. Devin gets herself up, dressed, ready for school and on the bus. Carly gets her own bottles and changes her own diaper. Kara feeds herself and changes her own diaper as well. Brooke takes care of herself and drives herself to school. In the middle of the night when one of the kids have had a nightmare or are sick and in pain they take care of themselves. I do nothing at all!

Okay so no one said I was that lazy but you know how families are you joke around and some people go a little to far with their jokes. I can take a joke, but I can't stand when people assume I do nothing at all! Even if its just a joke when no one ever tells you that they appreciate you or that they are proud of you for all that you do.

There are some people (who will remain nameless) that think that I sleep in till noon every day! Yeah because that happens all the time! I have 4 children and I sleep in till noon, again some how my children manage to get to school on their own, and take care of themselves. I think that is the thing that irritates me the most.

Okay maybe this post did turn into an oh whoa is me... Sorry bout that!

Have an Oh So Wonderful Night!


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