Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Please Daddy!

So today we were hanging out with the kiddo's and they had noticed that there were a couple presents under the tree now (that we wrapped last night) and well Brookie was asking were they came from and why we weren't opening them. Of couse I told her because its not Christmas yet and she would have to wait. Well the Hubby tells the girls, when I was little all I had to do is beg my mom and she would let me open a gift early... And so that is what 3 girls did.. they got on the floor folded thier hands and begged Daddy Please can we open a present? they even got down on the floor and grabbed his leg and begged him (of course between me and you I think he would have let them open a gift early without them begging). He then went to the tree to decide what gift they would open (again between me and you, he knew which one he was going to pick out). I took a bunch of pics of them opening thier first gift of the holiday and they were all very excited! Your wondering what they got aren't you? Well they all got roller blades. Devin and Brooke got regular roller blades and Kara got a pair of trainer blades (they are blades that have wheels that look like tricycle wheels, and you can change then to regular blades once she learns how to skate). Of course they all wanted to try them out, so that is what they did. They all put thier blades on and Daddy took them into the garage, then they came in the house and bladed around the kitchen (more like walked because the kitchen isn't very big). They were all very excited! I couldn't get Kara to take her coat or blades off until dinner time.
Devin decided to let us open the gifts that she bought for us at her santa shop at school... Well she got me a candle that smelled like vanilla cookies (smelled very good!) and a ring, it was one of those ones that you can adjust the size but it is very cute! She also made me a neckless at school today as well.
Tomorrow after school starts thier Christmas break! We still have plenty of presents to wrap. I just need to stay away from the stores because I can't stop spending!

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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