Monday, December 20, 2010

Its Causes More then just Heartache...

Loosing a child to Miscarriage or Stillbirth can cause more then just Heartache....
Recently we have dealt with alot of health problems in my family but most recently we've had to deal with watching some family members have heart attacks which is very scary as anyone who has had a family member have one knows.
Yesterday as I was going to check my email an article on the aol news feed pops up that caught my eye for more then one reason.
The title read "Repeated Miscarriage Quintuples Heart Attack Risk". It scares me to think that my chances of Heart Attack has increased even more now. Heart Problems run in my family so I'm already at increased risk for Heart Attack. But According to the article.

"Compared to women who never had a miscarriage, women who had more than three were about five times more likely to ever suffer heart attack, the study found. Have just one stillbirth more then tripled the risk of heart attack."

The article also states though:

"Women who have had a miscarriage -- or even more than one -- should not be unduly concerned if they don't have other risk factors for heart disease. less than 1 percent of the women in the study had a heart attack."

I don't think I would be so shocked (and a bit frightened) if we haven't had to deal with this lately but after dealing with it, I think thats why it scares me a little more. Thankfully my family members are okay (if you were wondering).

I guess its a good thing that I plan to take even better care of myself once the new year begins. So hopefully I can prevent any future problems from accuring.

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