Sunday, December 19, 2010

Greedy Children!

How in the world to you teach your child about giving and not being so greedy? So I showed the girls their choices for donating money. I told them both (but separately) that they had to choose out their own spending money how much they wanted to donate. I gave Brooke her little wad of cash and told her to pick and amount she had some $5 bills and didn't want to donate all of them so she took one and then added 4 ones. I was very proud of her generosity! Then when I discussed it with Devin she was like well can I just give them a dollar? I couldn't believe that she would be so greedy and didn't want to help out kids who have nothing! She finally decided on $6 which I was okay with. I explained to them that this will probably be a yearly thing that we are going to do to teach them about giving to the less fortunate then us, and that its not all about getting gifts all the time that its about giving too. To that Devin says well I want to donate diapers to people who don't have diapers for their babys. Which I see no problem with that but I know she wants me to buy the diapers. I don't think that is teaching her about giving is she is not the one giving right? How do you teach your kids about giving?
How do you take a kid who has been spoiled for 7 years and teach her that life is not all about her? This is exactly what we tried to avoid... But you know how grandparents can be...
Now we have to try to reverse the damages. Okay its not really damages but you know what I mean.. We have to now get her to realize its not all about her and its nice to help others out!

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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