Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas

Yes Christmas has come and gone... Ours was a wonderful Christmas... How was yours? Of course now though I am sick and thats not fun. I think I may have bronchitis (which is not fun!)
The girls had a wonderful Christmas and got TONs of toy! Carly got alot of clothes and money (which will come in handy when we need to buy her more clothes and other such things that she will be needing.
I finally got to open my lighting kit and play with it! I had so much fun trying to figure out all the settings and such . But I am not done figuring it all out as I have alot more to learn.
So now I leave you with some photos to enjoy from the holidays.

Our Christmas Eve picture

Christmas morning in matching jammies

My mom knows I hate flowered shirts so she taped flowers on my shirt!

The Hubby was very happy with the gifts I got him

Jakey just looked so cute!

Home made fudge

Dinner table


Kiddie table
Devin is very happy with Lots-a

Kara was being a bad girl and mad at mama for putting her on the couch

Me and my Devin
Me and my Brookie

Devin and her Lalaloopsy

This pic isnt the greatest but I love Carly's face!
My 4 girlies Christmas day!
Fairy Brooke

Fairy Kara


Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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