Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A random kind of post

So I am sitting here watching your baby can read with my kids and surfing facebook and thinking about things... See I can multi task!

When I see on facebook a bunch of my old school freinds say that there is an explosion not far from were I use to live!

The furniture store exploded in my old town! They aren't yet sure how it happened but its pretty crazy! And scary I hope the people that were in the store are okay! I am prayer for anyone who was involved that they will be okay!
I had to go grocery shopping yesterday, which let me tell you is a bad idea when you are sick and not feeling good but it needed to be done. An even worse idea though... Taking 3 kids grocery shopping while sick! Let me tell that was a bad move on my part! Thankfully my sweet husband met me at the store to help me finish shopping and load the grocerys into the truck.
Well I bought some things yesterday that I know I will be eating once I start my new years resolution to get healthy (and thinner) next year. Well I decided today that I'm going to start a little early. Why now right? I mean new years is only days away, so I figured that I mine as well start now, because its never to late to start getting healthy and in to shape. Although I still may wait to start exercising until I get rid of this cough and bronchitis that I am suffering from (because I think I have bronchitis). But hey what a great time to start eating healthier (when your sick). I didn't take a picture of it but I made a pretty yummy smoothie this morning, consisting of orange juice, a banana, some strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, greek vanilla yogart and about 10 leafs of spinach. It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.
I think I may be making smoothies daily, for me and the kiddos (especially if I can add veggies to it and they can't taste it) Kara really liked it! for some reason though she thought it was chocolate milk (and there was no milk in it haha). We got your baby can read for the little girlies for Christmas and I have been trying to get them to watch. Carly of course hasn't really been watching but Kara has :) I am also planning on getting more into teaching Brooke and Kara, I have slacked a bit because Brooke has been going to school but its time to get started again.
But I must go and rest now...
Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!!

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