Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm ready for the New Year!

This was me and carly last night as I played on the computer talking to my cousin.

So I really didn't realize that the end of the year was coming so quickly and look here it is the last day of 2010 wow this is crazy, well not totally crazy I guess I just didn't realize that I would be starting my diet and exercise so soon and hear it is tomorrow will begin the new year! So 1 tomorrow I will be beginning the transformation to a new me! and 2 I will be announcing the winner of "A New Year A New Me" Contest.
I want to share with ya'll what exactly my goal is for the new year.... (if you don't mind)
Part of the Transformation kit (that one of you will be winning) is to write or post some goals for your success. So here are my question/goals:
What do you Want? & Why?
Well most of you should know this because I complain of it so often... I want to loose weight, I want to be healthier and set a better example for my children. I can force them to eat healthier then I do since I am thier mother but what kind of example is it when I am telling them to eat a healthy snack and I am munching on unhealthy junk?
I'd also like to add that, This year for me is not going to be all about loosing weight and getting healthier. I've said before I am not very proud of being lazy and that is another goal that I am going to be aiming for as well, I want to be more active. I hope that getting into shape and being healthier will help towards that goal.
I'm glad that I am not gaining anymore weight just mainly maintaining the weight that I have been at since I had Carly but I'm not happy with being were I am at, right now the scale is my enemy! Also part of the transformation success is to take a before and after pictures and to take you measurements. I will be taking a before picture and my measurements tomorrow, so look forward for that post along with the announcement of the winner of the contest tomorrow!
So Until tomorrow! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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