Sunday, January 9, 2011

I don't know...

Are you getting tired of me talking about weight loss and other such topics that are connected to that? I know I am getting tired of writing about it (okay that's a lie).

As with most days I have hit a brain block. I could talk about the horrible shooting in Tucson, Arizona and that its a horrible situation and my heart goes out to those who died and were injured but I don't want to get to far into the subject because then it brings up subject of politics and honestly I don't like discussing politics, because lets face it we all have our beliefs and really is there a point in fighting about politics because neither of us are going to change our thoughts, right?
I could talk about how I'm cold and I hate winter but do you really want to hear me bitch and moan? (doubtful).
I am really at a loss at what to say, because right now the main thing on my mind is about weight loss (maybe because I need to get up and do my exercises for the day and just haven't motivated myself enough just yet, good thing its early still).
There really isn't much to update on the kids because well not much has been going on with them, Devin has been going to school (against her will I might add), I have been working on "teaching" Brooke and Kara. Reviewing their your baby can read videos and books, reviewing their alphabet cards and teaching books. But it is the weekend so just like Devin they get the weekends off of learning. They have been spending time with their cousin who stayed the night with them last night. Its been pretty quite even though I have 5 children in the house ranging from 5 months to 7 years of age. Okay that is a partial lie, right now it is pretty quite because they are all down stairs playing in the toy room but when they are upstairs its pretty stinking noisy. Carly has been pretty quite lately as well (except when you lay her on her tummy, because the kid hates tummy time). Unfortunately for my baby girl ever since she got her shots on Thursday she has been running a low grade fever, which is actually the first time she has ever been remotely sick. There has been a lot of sickness going on through our house in the past few weeks and really I think Carly was the only one who didn't end up sick, which maybe that is why she ended up with a low grade fever, maybe, possibly the shots brought something out that has been lying dormant. I don't know (I'm not a doctor).
But I must leave you all because I am sure I am boring you as well (sorry). I need to get off my arse (and off the computer) and do my exercises, so that I can get on with the day.

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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