Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm a Goofy Goober - Yeah....

So I really don't have much to share with today.... Sorry I've been busy cleaning today, and then we took the older girlies to the skating rink for a school party. They had a blast, if you were wondering.
So the Hubby and I were sitting with Carly tonight watching south park, and the Hubby was messing around with me and singing "Mommies a Goofy Goober, Yeah" (if you've watched spongebob squarepants I am sure you know the song) and it actually sounded like Carly was trying to sing with the Hubby! It was so cute, obviously you couldnt understand what she was saying since it was all cooing and such. But she really did seem like she was singing too.
So since thats all I had to share today I thought I would share some pictures of my little Goofy Goober. Enjoy!

I swear this child never blinks!
She is sitting up on her own more
Did you know that she is going to be 5 months old tomorrow (1/14)
She is just the sweetest thing
She looks alot like her big sis Devin
It almost looks like she caught wind of something smelly
Love that smile!
She makes Mommy smile!
And she thinks it hilarious when she shits in a brand new white bumgenius diaper
But with that smile and giggle I will forgive her
serious time
again with the big eyes that don't blink
Shes mama's baby girl
Have an Oh So Wonderful Night!

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