Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You have how many girls!?

Its not the fact that I have 4 kids that make people go oh and walk away feeling sorry for me and probably thinking you poor, poor women when they find out all 4 of my children are girls. Then they look at the Hubby and think you poor bastard, your screwed! Yeah that's the impression I get when I see there facial expression change from a smile to a look of sympathy. Once they find out that all 4 children are girls they no longer want to engage in conversation, they just want to get the hell out of there. I find that amusing.

I'm not saying that I think people should feel sympathetic for me because well it was our decision to have 4 children and it was god who decided we could handle 4 girls. Which for me some days yes I feel like having 4 girls is no big deal, and then there's those days (which is most of the time) when they are all moody and whiney and fighting. Then I think oh man if they are like this now, whats going to happen when they are all teenagers or all pmsing at the same time?

I still wonder all the time what it would be like to throw a little boy in the mix, just one, would he even out the chaos or make it worse?

There are always those special moments you get to share with your girls - some good, some bad. Like when they first start their menstrual cycles, Oh that will be a blast (not). Thinking about it now there will be a lot of experiences that the Hubby is going to be able to get out of because they are girl experiences (lucky bastard). Then there is going to be the first love, and in the same aspect the first heartbreak. Oh and to deal with the boys, at least I won't have to go through that alone, as I am sure the Hubby will be right there ready to beat on a kid for hurting his daughter. But then there is the sex talk, the pregnancy talk, the marriage talk. Oh wow all this times 4! I know for the Hubby the most stressful time (other then having a bunch of girls pmsing at the same time) will be when they all start dating, He'll probably be a nervous wreck. He already is now when Devin says she loves some boy in her class (and she's only 7!). He wasn't to happy when he found out she kissed a boy on the cheek in preschool, I thought that was cute. But then again she was really young, I know I will be a nervous wreck to when she gets a little older. Its funny being that Devin is the oldest kiddo, when we think about the future and what we will deal with we also think about Devin first. We forget that we will have to go through all this 4 times! I'm sure its mainly because we will go through all of it with her first. After that I am sure we will be pros.

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

No dating till you 30 is my policy (the Hubby says 40).

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