Friday, January 21, 2011

Kindergarten already!?

So yesterday I just so happened to check on the school website to see when kindergarten registration is and boom to my surprise its March 1st! Whoa that came at me like a sack of bricks. In just a week and a half I will be registering Brooke for kindergarten! You know the saying is true they really do grow fast! Brooke will be turning 5 in less then a month and its crazy to think that my 2nd child will be turning 5 and starting kindergarten this year, shoot I'm now freaking out that my oldest is going to be 8 and in 3rd grade! Were does the time go?

I was nerous and excited when Devin started kindergarten but she was ready and super excited. I think I'm a bit more nervous for Brooke because she has so many anxieties and fears and I'm afraid she may not be ready. She goes to pre-k once a week for a full day, and it took a long time for her to be okay with going to school, for the longest time she would cry every time she was dropped off or found out I was taking her to school. I don't think it will be so bad with kindergarten since she is very excited to be able to ride the bus with Devin.

Its amazing how different each child acts to the same experiences, I mean obviously it has alot to do with thier personality's but to have my first child so excited about starting school, when she start preschool she was so excited and didn't even want to kiss me goodbye she just wanted to get into class. It was the same for the first day of kindergarten, she was so excited. But Brooke her first day of pre-k she was nervous and scared and cried, I never thought I would be the mother of "that" child. I feel badly, I feel bad for the teacher having to deal with my crying child and I feel badly for my child who is scared and upset. But its experiences that she needs to experience, she needs to conquer her fears. Thankfully she has some really nice teachers right now that help her get through that.

Wow if Devin and Brooke are so different on how they act with thier first days of school I wonder how Kara and Carly will react?

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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Whitney said...

Not quite sure about Carly but Kara... there's no way in heck she is going to leave your side!