Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Can food be any Yummier?

I have no clue what has come over me lately but I have been in the mood to cook some good food, not just my normal boring meals that I normally make I have been wanting to make something new. So I went looking for some good looking recipes. I found one for Couscous Salad courtesy of MckMama & so many other recipes courtesy of Pioneer Women. Now before ya'll look at me like I'm crazy because I am suppose to be on a diet and exercising, I am still exercising and still trying to eat better but there are a lot more people in my house that I need to feed so not everything we have is super healthy (but it is very Yummy!). Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the fettuccine alfredo I made from (almost) scratch the other day.

Then yesterday for lunch I made some Couscous Salad. It will last me a few lunches (probably a week or more LOL). (Recipe is Courtesy of MckMama)

Last night for dinner I made bacon covered meatloaf, it was very good too but I think it needs to be tweaked a bit (as far as how long to cook it for)

(Recipe Courtesy of PW)
This morning I made Egg-in-the-hole and they were very good! I also made a blackberry smoothie that was yummy too!

(Recipe Courtesy of PW)

I defiantly think we will have this a lot for breakfast because its so delish!

I have more recipes that I will be trying and hoping they are as good as the last few that I have made. I know that the family has made their personal request as well :)
Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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