Sunday, January 23, 2011

Television is the Devil!?

This is probably going to get a lot of people talking, but I have to address the issue that I have been hearing about so much, and while this is purely my opinion its also what I have experienced with my own children.

Yes its the topic of children and the television. There is a lot of argument out there about the effects that television has on children. Obviously the experts say that you shouldn't let your children watch TV at all, and if your one of those parents who never let your kids watch TV, well you know what? Good for you! I commend you for that. But for me (maybe its not good to admit) my kids love TV but... Most of the shows that they watch have some kind of education to it. Most of the time my kiddos watch Nick Jr (or for some parents they prefer the Disney channel). My kiddos watch shows like Dora the explorer, and Team Umizoomi, Ni Hao,Kai-Lan and The Fresh Beat Band. They get some kind of education from each of these programs. Such as learning their colors, alphabet, Spanish, Chinese, and to get up and move. No I don't expect the television to teach my children everything, I spend time with them teaching them as well but they do learn a lot from the programs that they watch.

I'll give you a prime example, When Brooke was 3 and went to her 3 year check up (for preschool) they did and eye exam, before they did the exam the nurse asked her what the shapes were on the chart, they came to a crescent moon shape and while I would have told the nurse it was a moon, my 3 year old told her it was a crescent, I was shocked to hear Brooke say this, and you know were she learned that from? Yep the television!

Yes obviously if your child is watching show that have no teaching element to it all the time like Spongebob Square Pants or iCarly, they are not going to learn much of anything (which yes my kids like to watch those shows too).

I guess I bring this up because I watched a video on and while I can see their argument why they don't think The Your Baby Can Read program doesn't work, I have seen it for my own eyes that it is working on my children. They say that your children aren't learning to read they are just memorizing, but isn't ready some form of memorizing? Not to mention the fact that if it was for sure just my kids memorizing the words from the program then they would be able to identify them all the time, but that's not the case, they do struggle with the words sometimes and that is when I step in and help them sound out the words. The Hubby made a good suggestion about the program, he believes that your kiddo should at least know their alphabet before you attempt to let them watch the program and I agree. Oh and guess what? Brooke learned her alphabet from another video (with my help), She watched the letter factory and was able to learn to identify her alphabet and she also knows the sounds (because that is what it teaches you). Now of course I don't believe you should just set your children in front of the TV and just let them go and never work with them. You have to find time to also help them to learn these things as well. No you can't rely on television to babysit or teach your children everything.
But I get so irritated with people saying that the television is nothing but a something that kills brains cells because they watch television. Okay it may not be put that way necessarily but you know what I mean, I'm sure you've heard it before too, or you may be someone who doesn't like television.
All I'm saying is not all programs are bad.

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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Mrs. Hyde said...

People need to give both parents and kids a frickin' break. Let kids enjoy life and stop trying to take all the damn fun out of being a kid. As long as you're not letting them watch bs like Bad Girls Club or Jersey Shore, I don't see the problem. Even if they do watch that stuff, you just have to talk to them about reality vs. fiction. They can watch TV and still turn out to be perfectly decent human beings.
What gets me is that they're just now coming out with these bullshit studies in recent years as if TV is new or something. They watched TV when they were young and now they're doctors and scientists. I'm not going to justify how I raise my kids to anybody. If they don't like it, they can kiss my TV-watching ass!

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