Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thank You Mr Itchy Ass!

I don't know what the policy is at most restaurants or fast food joints but I think they should have a policy that if you scratch your ass or pick your wedgie that you should wash your hands before touching anymore food.....
Your wondering why I mentioned this don't you?
Well today after my exercises David and I went to Wendy's to get some dinner (don't worry I tried to get a healthier meal) Well as we sat there waiting what seemed like forever to get our food, we were watching all the employees inside the restaurant and one specific person was standing by the drive thru window, I guess he either had a wedgie or is ass itched because he decided to itch it right there in front of the drive thru window and then go take the fries out of the fryer! Seriously 1. why in the hell would you itch your ass in front of the drive thru window knowing there are people there waiting for thier food & 2. at least wash your hands before you decide to go back to work and touch the food. David was watching him though and thankfully he never actually touched our fries but damn seriously!

Now that I've got you thinking about the next time you got to a restaurant wondering if some one just touched thier ass before your food I will say good night...

Have and Oh So Wonderful Night!

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Whitney said...

mmm... makes me want some ass itching wendys!