Monday, January 3, 2011

Resolve to Succeed!

I'm not a philosopher, I don't have any wise musings for you to read, and I don't know any big fancy words, but I am certainly not stupid. In fact I went to college, yep 5 years got an associates degree (I know that's like the lowest degree you can get). Me and one other close relative were the only 2 to go to college and ironically we both ended up stay at home mothers. I've been reading a lot of post lately about having no resolutions this year or having a resolution to not have a resolution, to just go with the flow because most everything you resolve to do at the beginning of the year you should be doing any ways right?
But to me its like a new beginning a chance to start anew, to fix what you screwed up the previous year (like my many MANY attempts at loosing weight were I horribly failed!) But not this year I am not going to fail this time! I know its a promise you make yourself all the time. But I have finally found an exercise I think I can really stick with! I am making an attempt to eat better and snack way less (if not at all). I've made more then one resolution. Loosing weight is not my only resolution, I also resolve to teach my children more. We got your baby can read for the little ones for Christmas and I intend to teach them to read or at least know their alphabet more. Devin knew a lot before she even started preschool because I pushed her (a little to much in my opinion) so I have slacked a bit with the other children because I didn't want to push them to hard. But I think I have slacked to much. So I want to make sure Brooke knows a bit more before she reaches kindergarten (I have 8 months till then). I think I have slacked even more with Kara, so I guess I am attempting to make up for that as well. This year is my year, to make everything that I have slacked on in the past, right again. No more slacking and no more giving up. I am resolving to keep with all my resolutions this year, to bad they don't have shock collars for that kind of stuff right? That way you can't screw up on your resolution, every time you screw up you should get some kind of jolt or punishment, that way you stick with it and don't feel disappointment at the end of the year and feel like you need to make the same resolution year after year.
I'm going to push myself this year this is going to happen whether I like it or not. I know I'm going to moan and bitch (like I have been for the past two days because I am in pain!), I know I'm going to fall sometimes, but I am going to pick myself back up and get back on it. Your probably wondering why is this year any different from the past who knows how many years? Well honestly... I'm getting tired of feeling sorry for myself I am getting tired of looking in the mirror and hating myself, I'm getting tired of being disgusted with the way I look and its about damn time I do something about it and take action and stick with it. I am not going to rely on other people to push me like I have in the past, because in order for me to achieve the goals I want to achieve the only person I can rely on is myself! The only person that can make me fall and not get back up is myself and the only person that can pick me back up is myself! Its time to be responsible for what I want and to work for what I want because the only way to get what you want is to work for it yourself!
Sure I would love to rely on a miracle pill to do all the work for me, but really lets be honest either they don't exist or you still have to work to achieve the goal you want, they just help you to achieve your goals a little faster (or make you think that).
The other thing I have been trying to stick with is cloth diapering, I already have the cloth diapers that I purchased before Carly was born but for the longest time she was unable to wear them because her butt was just to small, and then I got use to the convenience of disposables (isn't that the way it always is?) Yes they are surely convenient but they are not better for the environment or my wallet! So yes I am still using disposables at night and while we are out and about but while we are home its all about the cloth (good thing we don't go out very often).
Now if I could only learn how to make baby food, but then again I don't want to overwhelm myself with all these changes in the new year because then I am bound to fail. Thats another thing people need to think about, if your not truely ready to change the way things are and you try to change to many things at once then yes you are surely bound to fail as well. Just pick what you are ready to change now and don't beat yourself up if you fall, just pick yourself back up and continue on your path to change. If you think you will fail you are just setting yourself up for failure. Procrastinating gets you no where just continued disappointment....

Have an Oh So Wonderul Day!

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