Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fit Yummy Mummy... Yep thats me!

The pace has been set and its time to kick fat's butt! I started FitYummyMummy weeks 5-9, I have tried both superset A & B and you know what the pace has increased and the exercises are harder. I can tell you that the one thing that I for sure like about using the FitYummMummy program is that when you start it your entire body isn't hurting all over to the point were you can't move. For me, yes I've been in alot of pain since starting, but its always difference muscles. This week for example I can really feel the work out in my hamstrings and back. I have been feeling it in my arms basically since I started. But I like the fact that you are constantly working every body part and they don't all hurt at once!

The great thing about the pace picking up this week is that Holly with FitYummyMummy shows you how to do each exercise before you actually start them so your not sitting there freaking out right when you start each exercise trying to figure out what is going on. The inches are coming off and everyone is telling me that it looks like that I've lost weight. They know that I haven't lost a ton of weight 4.4lbs in 4 weeks but they said you can really see the inches coming off! If you have been trying to find a program that will work for you I definatly think you should try The FitYummyMummy 12 week transformation program. If your still not sure, then keep coming back here every Saturday to see my updates on how I am doing and the weight and inches I am loosing. Or if you must you can wait till I am done with my 12 week transformation (which by the way I have just 8 weeks to go!) and you can see the total results for yourself and then try the program for yourself!
All I'm saying is that I am really getting some results and working my ass off! So if you don't have time to spend hours in the gym and your looking for something you can do in the comfort of your own home I would give this a try!

Have a Great Day!

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