Monday, January 31, 2011

The Miracle of Birth....

I've given birth to 5 children and while those experiences alone were all wonderful and amazing in themselves, I never was on the other side of the bed... I was never the one watching the birth happen, I was always the one in pain, the one pushing and watching through a mirror. Today I was able to be the support for someone else. I was the one who helped her through the pain, and made her laugh while she waited for her child to enter the world.

It was an amazing experience! I felt her pain, I knew what she was going through and I could sympathize with her, but I could also help her feel better (the best I could). I watched the screen religiously and as soon as I seen the contraction begin I was right there, massaging the pain away (or at least trying my hardest). It was an amazing experience, to be the spectator cheering a birthing mother on! "You can do this", "Your doing great!"

I don't care what anyone says watching a child being born is the most amazing experience in the world! It sure does give new meaning to the words miracle of birth!
I was so honored that my freind allowed me share in her experience!

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!


Mrs. Hyde said...

I almost stopped reading after "I've given birth to five children". It made my uterus contract. Somebody should give you an award.

I was there when my nephew was born, holding my sister's leg so that she could get a good push going. It was beautiful to not be the one in pain for a change.

a bitch called mom

Catrina said...

Yeah I was definatly glad it wasn't me this time. I'm still enjoying my newest edition :)
I don't need no award :) okay maybe one for when I had no pain meds with #2 but other then that no I don't need an award ;)

Stephanie Williams said...

Woohoo!!! So happy for you that you got to join in on this miracle!