Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I just propositioned my husband for an iphone!

Yeah you read it right!  I want the new iPhone for Verizon and EVERYONE around me is getting one.  I want one!  I may cry (no not really).  But the Hubby told me to get a job, so I told him fine stay home with the kids, to which he tells me I need to find a way to come up with $200.  So I told him I would have relations with him if he would give me $200!  Ha ha I know sick, but I really want an iPhone!

Not to long ago as the Hubby and I sat on the couch watching the devil tv with our family and neighbor... The neighbor asked... "Do you two every fight?"  I almost, nope I defiantly laughed at the question.  Of course we fight, just ask my mom she's witnessed a few of our fights.  But at the same time they aren't really fights they are mostly just arguments. We exchange words back and forth, rarely raising our voices, only to either solve the matter right then or be mad at each other for a few hours until we both decide to no longer be mad.
I'll admit (and come on ladies you can admit it too) I overreact occasion.  I rarely admit to it at the time, or I will admit it once the matter has been solve. 
Our marriage is not perfect and really I don't know why the neighbor would believe that it was.  We will never fight in front of other people (at least others that are not apart of the family).  Of course for a while we were in a bind, things were not well between us.  Mainly because the Hubby was unhappy at his job and I got the brunt of his anger when he got home, no folks not like that, he just would come home with an attitude and if some one gives me a 'tude I give one right back.  So as you can imagine, that cause many arguments.  But the Hubby got a new even better awesome job, we stopped stressing about money and things just started to calm down.  The arguments became further apart and we began to get along much better. 
Lets be honest money and stress can affect a marriage pretty badly, but you have to learn to work through the problems.  For instance when he would stress about money and wonder why in the world it wasn't affecting me I reminded him that we have a beautiful healthy family and while yes money is an important thing its not the only thing and while we may not be able to live with out it, we will survive and get through whatever life throws at us. And we did, we learned to stop stressing as much about the little things and concentrated more on being a family.  I've also learned that communication is key! I don't lie to my husband, even if I go shopping and buy something I know he might not be to happy about I always end up telling him (within a few hours).  I don't know what it is I just don't feel the need to have any lies between us and really what good would they do us?  No good, because if one of us found out the other was lieing about something, all its going to do is cause a fight (and not a little argument either).  I'm not going to sit here and claim that I have a perfect marriage or if you listen to me and do what I say you will have a perfect marriage all I am trying to say is you have to work at it.  Lieing isn't going to help anything, and fighting wont solve your problems, try to talk it out before the anger gets to bad and if that don't work, (I know it sounds a little high school but) right them a note telling them what is going on and why you are angry or upset.  And don't forget to have a little fun between you, joke around, play wrestle, tickle each other. Act like you did when you were dating.  Some times that's all you need to bring back a little spark and get things started again.

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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