Thursday, February 10, 2011

This or That?

I'm so sick of being sick!  Okay I really only have been sick for one week but every time I think I am getting better some kind of new symptom arises and I continue to be fatigued and sick.  First it start out with a bad cold or maybe even the flu I don't know, I was exhausted, had a small fever, had the chills and was sweating like crazy.  The chills went away and pretty much so did the sweats, I was even starting to feel better, then my throat started hurting, then my ears began bothering me, sinuses started draining and eyes began itching and burning.  Now a week after it all began my throat still hurts my sinuses are still draining, my eyes hurt a little and my ears a super clogged up.  Its hard to function when you feel like this.  I am still so tired, all I want to do is sleep but with 4 kids to care for that is nearly next to impossible.  I try to manage a nap when the babies nap, or at least while one baby naps and the others watch some educational devil tv.  But even then its not a full sleep because of course the other still need stuff, so I still have to get up but I guess at least I get little cat naps between their requests. 
Can you believe that Valentines day is less then a week away?  Look at me trying to make it sound like a major holiday (ha).  Are you getting you man something?  I always get my man something, usually a card some of his favorite candy and some kind of gift.  Last year he waited till the last minute and didn't exactly get me what I want but he was sweet and went to the store and bought strawberry's and chocolate and made me me chocolate covered strawberry's.  Okay well he kind of screwed it up and it was more like chocolate strawberry soup but it was good and a sweet gesture.  We also involve the kiddos in valentines and get them a sweet little toy or candy.  What do you do?

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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