Thursday, February 10, 2011

No fun exercising while sick :(

A lot of people who get sick decide to stop exercising when they are sick, and OMG I don't blame them one bit because them me say that trying to exercise while you are sick and weak just sucks!  But I thought maybe if I continued I would sweat this out of me faster.  But no luck I am still sick and I don't really feel like it will end soon.  But I'm am sadden to say that today I just couldn't finish my fit yummy mummy exercises.  I wanted to but just doing the first two sets of the superset B took just way to much out of me and I gave up after 10 minutes.  I feel defeated but at the same time I am slightly okay with this because today is the first day in 6 weeks that I did not finish them, today is the first day in 6 weeks were I deviated from the program.  I'm proud of myself for not stopping while being sick but sometimes you just have to say to yourself, today is the day you will take it easy, don't over do it and don't push yourself to the extreme if you can't handle it.  I have children to care for, what if I would have continued on even though my body was telling me it had enough?  I might have passed out and then what?  The oldest child at home right now is my 4 year old and I know she would not know what to do.  If Devin was home I know that things might be okay because she knows my phone number and knows how to dial 911.  So yes I decided that I would not be pushing myself today that I would do what I could and that would be all.  I just hope that this cold goes away soon, so that I can continue on exercising with out this feeling of collapsing. 
I'm in the process of teaching Brooke what to do if something ever happens to me, but when she doesn't quite remember everything its difficult. 

I just had to share, I felt a bit defeat that I couldn't finish my exercises but now that I shared with all of you I feel better.  :)

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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