Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh Snow you didn't!

SNOW!! SNOW!!! SNOW!!!! 

I don't very much like snow.  Its cold, and people don't know how to drive in it.  Thankfully I had no reason to travel out in the disasterous 10 inches of snow that we achieved the other night. 
Devin had I guess what the school called mid winter break yesterday and well its a good thing to because the kid has been coughing all stinking day!  She is sick, she has a cold or something, thankfully no fever though.  Well I was conflicted because she has been coughing alot but I wasn't sure if I should keep her home from school today.  But I got the phone call last night... The call from her school saying that because of the weather and driving conditions there will be no school on Tuesday.  So I guess I don't need to make that phone call saying that Devin is to sick to go to school.

If you were wondering how our new little family member is doing?  Well he is doing good.  I've finally got the kids to leave him alone for most of the day (since he is nocternal).  We've been letting him run around in the play gate and he seems to like it, to get out of his cage and "play" a little.  Today we actually set up a little area just for him, with his cage inside the play gate, so now he can go in and out of his cage when he wants (when we open up his cage of course).  We don't like to let him out unsupervised because well the little guy can jump pretty stinking high.

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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