Friday, February 4, 2011

Ohhh (in a singing voice)

I've got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts.... Deedaleedee...
I have no stinking clue why but I have been singing this song all day. I am starting to feel better, I think that with all the sweating I have been doing the last few days I think helped to sweat out what ever it is that I've got. Today was suppose to be my day off of exercising but I chose not to exercise yesterday because of was feeling so aweful I chose to rest yesterday and exercise today, after exercising today I felt even more better then I did before I exercised. I am still sick I still feel it but I don't feel as aweful as I did and my throat is starting to feel better already as well.
I think I've also starting singing like this because I am feeling good about my weight right now. My pants are starting to get loose on my and I am starting to see what my mom was saying... She told me last week that I am starting to get and hour glass figure and I seen that today! I was very happy to see that, it definatly made me feel good about myself.
So I continue to sing...

I'VE GOT A LOVELY BUNCH OF COCONUTS.... DEEDALEEDEE (okay not to mention the fact that the kids think its funny when I sing this song it makes them laugh and there is nothing better then a childs laughter!)

Have an Oh So Wonderful Night!

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