Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sucking it in Saturday - Week 8

I've kept at this for two months!  Even I am shocked!

My Stats are:

Beginning Weight: 202.2 (1/1/11)
Current Weight: 187.2  (1/26/11)
Pounds Lost:  15  (whoop)

Beginning Measurements: (1/1/11)
Waist: 42.5
Hips: 45.5

Current Measurements: (1/26/11)
Waist: 38.5
Hips:  42
Inches Lost:  4in & 3.5in lost

How I'm feeling:  You know its challenging to loose weight.  Okay I am sure you already new that.  You think to yourself I'm ready to loose X amount of weight and then you expect just like that the weight will come off.  But it doesn't, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.  No wonder it has taken me so long to finally start achieving my goals because I guess I just wasn't prepared for all the hard work and dedication.  I wasn't motivated enough (although now I wish I was more motivated when I was smaller so I could be closer to my goal weight).  I kept thinking to myself before as long as I stuck with everything then  the weight would just come off and I would loose it quickly.  Boy was I delusional.  But I kept at it I am dedicated to loosing this weight I am ready to be thin again.   I guess that is why on some days when the scale doesn't budge I get so upset because I expect with all the work I am doing to get this weight off it would come off so much faster.  I'm trying to be realistic, I don't think that I will reach my goal weight by the end of my Fit Yummy Mummy 12 week transformation  but I am going to try and get as close to it as possible.  And once the 12 weeks are up you never know maybe I will start the 12 week transformation again to get even closer to my goal.  I will continue to work hard, be motivated and dedicated until I get to were I want to be.  I am getting tired of looking in the mirror and hating what I see.  Now when I look in the mirror I like what I see more but I am still unhappy.  I can't wait till I can look in that mirror and think to myself wow you look great!  I want to love my body again, I want to love myself again!

This week unfortunately I have been slacking slightly... I have been sick, the kids have been sick and I just felt the need to rest more then work out so I took 2 days off but yesterday I did double the exercise, problem with that is yesterday I also fell off the wagon... A LOT!  And you know what?  I really didn't care.  I was in a slump and it felt good to fall of the wagon for a day, it felt good, eat some sweet food.   I was happy, by the end of the night though, I was beginning to regret it.  I felt badly.  I guess that's what happens though..

Goals for the week:  This week starts the beginning of my last 4 weeks!  A new set of exercises, that will hopefully just melt this blasted weight off!  I also have a new calorie regimen to follow, so I am eating less food and I am trying my hardest to keep at the lower calories but yes it is difficult, but I am trying my damnedest!

1/8/11                                                        1/26/11

 1/8/11                          1/26/11

How is was your week?  Did you have any obstacles to over come?

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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Jessica said...

You are doing awesome, and its just like you told me. We all fall off the wagon from time to time, the most important part is that you have stuck to it for this long and that you are determined and motivated to meet your goal. I am so glad that I found your blog to follow, its kind of like we are going through this journey together and I can really relate to a lot of the things you said in this post. Especially about loving yourself and body again... I am right there with you sister! Keep the updates coming, I look forward to seeing your progress.