Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Been MIA....

Dont know if you were wondering (or if you cared;). ) But yes I've been absent a few days ( if you noticed). Well the reason for it, sigh.... Again has to do with sick kids... Carly got worse and after visiting the U of M doctors twice and ER within 4 days I finally took her to St Joes because I was not happy, I knew something was wrong, I just kept getting sent home. St Joes payed attention to what I was saying and well Carly has a bad pneumonia in her right long, she was having issues with her breathing (ribs retracting). And she sounded horrible. She was transferred by ambulance to a bigger St Joes with a peds unit and we have been here since Sunday. If she is able to keep her o2 levels up without the help of oxygen tonight (monday) we will go home tomorrow(tuesday) She is doing much better, she looks a lot better and she is smiling and playing more. Unfortunately she isn't eating very well and she has diarrhea, so we'll see how that goes as well (if she will need iv fluids). But for now we are good. :)

Have an oh so wonderful night!

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