Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

Today we are celebrating the birth of number 3!  She turns 5 today! Oh how time flies.  
She is a smart little girl, a shy little girl, an emotional child, and more. Her smile lights up the day, and her frown can melt your heart. (no wonder people have trouble saying no to her!)
She's a drama queen, and loves to dress up,  You better call her princess or your in trouble (haha).  Shes a sweet girl.. I a loving girl and its hard to stay mad at her.
She knows how to make people laugh.  And loves to be a comedian.
she loves to dance and loves to pose.  Movies are her favorite thing. she hates to be stared at but will give you the cutest smile if you do..

Her favorite movie is Toy Story and she hates to be alone.
She  loves playing on the computer, and playing with her cousin Little D.  She loves being with her sisters but loves to stare at Carly Mae. 
She's angelic but has a devilish side. 
Don't let that innocent face fool you!  Thats how she reels you in!

Shes a silly little girl and we love her!

She's our little Brookiedoodle, SnookieSnoodle.

Happy 5th Birthday to you Brookie!!  We love you!

Have and Oh So Wonderful Day!


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday to your little cutie pie!

Whitney said...

hahaha shes flipping you off while picking her nose lmao