Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I know you missed me....

Have you missed me?  I bet you have... I'm sorry its been a few days but we have been pretty busy around her lately, with taking care of children, Birthday parties, dealing with Avon and other such things.  Tomorrow Devin is having her ear tubes placed and her adnoids taking out again.  I'm glad this is happening because maybe she will stop having so many problems with ear infections.  I worry Kara may be in the same boat sometime soon, she has had 3 ear infections in 3 months.  

Devin had her ear tubes and adnoid surgery today.  She did well, she had a little bit of a rough recovery but is now back to normal.  Already complaining because I wont allow her to play on the trampoline tomorrow.  Yes we now have a trampoline, Brooke got it for her Birthday.  I talked to the doctor about Kara and he said that if she gets one more infection this year she will need to be seen by the ENT.  So hopefully she will not have to see him. 

I went shopping today (before Devins surgery) and bought a pedometer, thinking it would be great if I could actually have something to tell me how many calories I am burning during my workouts.  Well I opened it and used it during my work out tonight and realized I bought the wrong one!  Now what am I gonna do?  I am thinking about trying to sell it to a freind so that I can buy the correct one.  I'm just irritated with myself that I bought the wrong one...

Today  I put in my first order for Avon.  I didn't get as many customers as I had hoped for my first order but I'm glad I did get some customers :)

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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