Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy 125th Year!!

Happy 125 Birthday to Avon!  Can you believe Avon has been around for 125 years?  Crazy ain't it?  I didn't know this either until I joined Avon.  I don't want to make this blog all about Avon so just bare with me for a little while because you know when you are excited about something like a new job, you want to talk about it a lot right?  Well I mean Avon is my new job so I am excited to share all this with my readers. 
I was never really one to pay attention to Avon much until I decided to sell it, I bought things from them now and then.  Like my big purchase is their Skin So Soft bug spray with picadia, I recommend this product to anyone with kids!  Kara (#3) is severely allergic to mosquitos, we had some unfortunate events last year with mosquitos.  So I bought the SSS with picaridin and it worked wonders!  Now during the summer Kara never leaves the house without her SSS with picardin bug spray, and whats great is they even have a sun screen with picardin bug repellant in it!  So she is covered all day as well!

 I thinks its a little dangerous for representatives, because there are so many good deals!  I want to buy so much stuff but then I wont make any money you know?!  I'm so excited about all thier new great deals I think that is why I want to share with all of you!  So if you love good deals you need to go to  and check out the really great products and deals that they have going on for campaign 8!  Pay attention to because there are a lot of great deals!  Like thier celebration package (valued at $125), buy $10 worth of merchandise and get the celebration package for $25!
Isn't that an awesome deal?  Well I think so!  Since your online already go over and check it all out,  It can't hurt to take a look, right?  You might find something your really can't live with out! 

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!


Ashley said...

I might be interested in the sunscreen with the bug repellent in it...since we spend a lot of time out at the lake in the summer. Do they make a gentle kind??? I have tried a couple different brands of sunscreen and my daughter seems to get a small rash.

Catrina said...

I am not seeing any that is specifically for sensative skin. But I have heard other representatives say that they have children with sensative skin and like the skin so soft sunscreen moisturing lotion.